November 1, 2010 Thought Provoking

Let’s put it to a vote

Besides religion, politics is one of those volatile conversations I try to stay away from.  The key word is try.  Like many of you my time is precious and standing in line to vote hasn’t always been a priority, especially in midterm elections.  But so many of us have strong opinions about our government I can’t imagine not taking the precious time to vote.  Voting is one of the most important rights that we have as American citizens.  If we want to make sure our elected leaders understand our concerns, we must exercise our civic responsibility and go to the polls.

No matter who you are or where you live, tomorrow’s Election will in some way affect you and the things that you believe in: 

Your job.
Your taxes.
Your social security.
Your health care.
Your current child’s or future children’s education.

Your grandchildren’s future
Your future.

I challenge all of you and especially those that have strong opinions to get out there and vote with the mindset that yours in the most critical one.  In the end, it may go your way, or it may not, but at least you did your part.  You have an opportunity to express your views, don’t give it up.

Get out there and vote.