What Our Clients Are Saying

As a small but rapidly expanding technology firm, we have been managing our Human Resource needs internally without an official Human Resource staff. During the early part of 2012, we received an employee complaint and knew immediately we needed help. We brought on PeopleFirst to help us properly handle the issue at hand. Ana McGary provided us direct and focused service that not only guided us through a very difficult situation but also served to lay the groundwork for improved employee policies, job descriptions and changes to our company policies. We eagerly agreed to have PeopleFirst join our company on a retainer basis to help us perform a comprehensive overhaul of Human Resource. During this process, Ana has been extremely helpful and thoughtful in her recommendations while being receptive to our internal infrastructure and unique operational needs. The work performed is reported monthly and never is excessively charged. We appreciate their services and would highly recommend PeopleFirst as a firm that quickly adapts to a business model and helps define and prioritize employee and human resource issues that need enhancements.

Kendra Hoey, Controller
Prime Care Technologies, Inc.
Duluth, GA 30097

Being the president of a small company, I ask my staff to wear many hats. Ana has helped our organization develop policies and procedures that mirror our lead position within our industry. I foresee a long standing relationship with Ana and her staff at People First.

J. Michael Pakradooni, President and Owner
Atlantic Refrigeration Corp
Delray Beach, Florida

NürnbergMesse has worked with PeopleFirst Enterprises 2.5 years in order to streamline a variety of Corporate policies, internal workflows, and stay informed about current human resources and government policies. Ana McGary has also trained our national and international staff during a two day corporate workshop. Her involvement has helped each team member to better evaluate their position in the company and further develop their corporate and personal focus. PeopleFirst Enterprises will help companies grow their businesses successfully and move it to the next level of growth. I highly recommend engaging Ana McGary in your plans of growing your business.

Dirk Ebener, CEO & Managing Director
NuernbergMesse North America, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Healthcare Georgia Foundation has benefited from the services of PeopleFirst Enterprises, Inc. by having access to customized, timely, high quality information and guidance in supporting the Human Resources functions at the Foundation. As a small nonprofit we value the ability to leverage the experience provided by PeopleFirst in a variety of areas including and not limited to benefits, personnel, coaching, audits, compensation, compliance and reporting.

Gary D. Nelson, PhD
President, Healthcare Georgia Foundation
Atlanta, Georgia

In 1999 I was brought in as CEO of a company that was technically bankrupt and most probably incapable of survival. The company’s General Counsel and I hired Ana McGary to head up Human Resources during a very difficult turnaround of this small public company which had to downsize by almost 50% due to the loss of the company’s major customer. This turn around took two years. Ana was extremely successful in this role and of critical importance to the survival of the company. Her abilities in helping to determine where to restructure and her sensitivity to the overall morale issues were, in no small part, key factors in our success at saving this company. In addition, she was at all times, both professional and a real delight to work with. She was totally dedicated to the task and to the people. If I ever had to run a company again, I would be thrilled to have her as part of my team.

Barrett O’Donnell, Former Chairman and CEO
Simione Central
Atlanta, Georgia

We are a small company and do not have an HR Department. The person who handles our HR also handles other areas, so when a situation or problem arises that we are unsure about, or just need to make sure we are on the right track, we are able to call on PeopleFirst for guidance and know we will get the help we need.

SouthEastern Healthcare, LLC