HR Leadership and Consulting Services

HR Leadership and Consulting Services

Let us be your dedicated outsource HR support team

HR Outsourcing

PeopleFirst can be your dedicated HR department by providing services in all the functions usually associated with a traditional in-house HR Department, while offering a breadth and depth of HR and business knowledge and solutions.

Off-Site HR Support

At PeopleFirst you pay for what you need only when you need it! We have the ability to provide consultative outsourcing services to help you through your challenging management issues, questionable performance problems, employee grievances, hiring decisions or procedures documentation. We provide objective counsel to your staff when they have questions about any area of human resources and employee management.

HR start-up

If you have never had a formal Human Resources department and find that it is time to institute one, where do you start? We can provide the assistance and guidance that you need to get your HR department up and running and take the guess work out of what you need to organize your HR function. For small and mid-size businesses, this approach helps to effectively manage the cost of the human resource function. Outsourcing HR leadership converts typically fixed costs to more flexible, variable expenses. We can tailor your HR leadership and support to match the demands of your business. As your business grows and full-time, in-house expertise is required, we will help you make that transition as well.

Interim HR management

Organizations that have had turnover in HR leadership often leave the position unfilled while they search for a new leader. This strategy not only places a burden on the organization, but it also can result in hasty hiring decisions. PeopleFirst Consultants can fill this role on an interim basis; keeping HR projects moving, managing the HR staff, and giving the organization the time to make a thorough hiring decision.

HR Projects

We also provide leadership for special human resource projects when resources are otherwise engaged or not experienced enough to lead some critical projects.